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In 1942 Jarl and Evy Andersson founded the Kinnarps company in Kinnarp/Sweden. Initially manufactured according to architect designs, the focus was already on fully equipped office furniture in 1952. Chairs have therefore been part of the production program since the 1950s. In the 1960s Kinnarps became a limited company and Henry Jarlsson took over as managing director in the 1970s. After 1980, Kinnarps invested in a seating manufacturing facility in Skillingaryd. From the year 2000, other brands such as Materia and Skandiform were taken over and continued as independent production facilities. In 2010 the two traditional German office chair manufacturers Drabert and MartinStoll were added. Their production facilities are relocated to Sweden, so that today all brands carry the "Made in Sweden" seal of approval. Kinnarps stands for high-quality and ergonomic products that are also manufactured for the special needs of the various European sub-markets. The ergonomically excellent swivel chairs Kinnarps-6000, Kinnarps Plus 6, Kinnarps-8000, Kinnarps Plus 8, Kinnarps-9000 and Kinnarps Capella are currently the best-selling office swivel chairs, these are referred to as ergonomiska kontorsstolar in Sweden. With more than 2,300 employees, Kinnarps AB has developed into Europe's leading manufacturer of office furniture and office chairs.

More and more people want to make sustainable decisions. If you also have a soft spot for timeless Swedish design, you've come to the right place with the Swedish brand. For this reason, Kinnarps attaches great importance to sustainability. The “Better Effect Index” was developed for this purpose: the first comprehensive tool ever, for people who want to be guided by sustainable considerations when designing their interior or office. This index evaluates each product in 6 areas with high impact on the sustainability initiative. The customer can see at a glance which criteria have been met.

A good example of this index is the Capella Kontorsstol office chair: its score is 2.37 out of a total of 3 points. It did particularly well in the Resources and Pure Materials categories.
All products are largely manufactured in a circular model, which means that products cannot be recycled without a large input of new materials and energy. The goal is to only use resource-saving and 100% traceable raw materials by 2030 and to become completely climate-neutral. This major goal is related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By choosing Kinnarps you become part of this campaign. As an e-commerce specialist and Kinnarps sales partner in online retail, we enable buyers across Europe to buy sustainable Kinnarps seating.

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Kinnarps Plus 6 with headrest
Kinnarps Plus 6 with headrest
Kinnarps Plus 6 office chair with headrest, scandinavian ergonomics Made in Sweden The best way to sit ergonomically is to keep your body moving. The Plus[6] with its FreeFloat function encourages you in your movements. The seat and...
From €998.00 *
Net price: €838.66
Kinnarps Plus 8 with headrest
Kinnarps Plus 8 with headrest
KINNARPS Plus 8 with headrest and synchrone mechanism The best way to sit ergonomically is to keep your body moving. The Plus[8] with its synchro-mechanism encourages you in your movements. Seat and backrest move synchronously to each...
From €1,034.00 *
Net price: €868.91
Kinnarps 9000 extra big seat
Kinnarps 9000 extra big seat
Kinnarps 9000 swivel chair in version 9554 with full features and an extremely high seat height up to 670mm is an advanced and ergonomically correct office swivel chair for the tall, long people and sitting giants. If their height is...
€2,121.00 *
Net price: €1,782.35