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Products from MartinStoll


MartinStoll office chairs – the inventors of chair ergonomics

MartinStoll is one of the three successor companies to the legendary Stoll chairs, which are based on the Albert Stoll company in Waldshut/Germany. Albert Stoll III takes over the company in Koblenz/CH, today's Stoll Giroflex AG, Christof Stoll and Martin Stoll initially manage the company in Waldshut together and then go their own way in 1958. Christof Stoll continues the business in Waldshut as Christof Stoll KG, today's Sedus Stoll AG. Martin Stoll runs his part of the company as Martin Stoll Federdreh- Stuhlfabrik in Waldshut-Tiengen. This operation is taken over by Kinnarps after a change of ownership and, after a stopover in Germany, is finally relocated to Sweden.

Virtually unrivaled in long term quality, MartinStoll chairs are now manufactured by Kinnarps from their sparkling clean and state of the art Skillingaryd chair factory in Sweden.The legendary quality of the long-running MartinStoll TEC21S with the synchronous torsion mechanism and the active pelvic support did not detract from this, skilled and hard-working employees at Kinnarps manufacture the office chairs better than "back then in Baden-Württemberg".

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