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SITAG by Nowy Styl

SITAG was founded in Switzerland 1965 in 1965 by Emil Alois "Migg" Eberle. Based in the Swiss Rhine Valley the production and development of innovative seating furniture for the office were balanced from the start. SITAG AG has also shaped the Swiss office chair industry for decades. Office chair manufacturers were supplied with pioneering solutions and mechanical components primarily through product developments by the subsidiary Provenda. These components also made their own products like SynchroSit, Realy, Liberty and Reality best sellers. After being bought by Kurt Schärf and being integrated into Schaerf AG, the group became part of the former Schaerf AG, which was merged into the Samas Group. The management of SITAG was in good hands with Toni Lee and Yilmaz Boduk for many years. Via the Samas intermediate station, SITAG AG is now part of Europe's leading office furniture group, the NowyStylGroup. As managing director, Yilmaz Boduk is still in a managerial position at SITAG and with his human and likeable manner is a guarantee for consistently good company results. In the new SITAG by Nowy Styl, Swiss Made chairs such as Sitagwave, Sitagpoint, Sitagteam and SITAGX-LINE are the current swivel and executive chairs.

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SITAGWAVE Skeleton Back
SITAGWAVE Skeleton Back
The SITAGWAVE office chair with a skeleton plastic back adapts perfectly and naturally to its user, the chair that does everything automatically for you. No matter how you sit on the SITAGWAVE, both the backrest and the seat surface of...
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Net price: €535.00
SITAGWAVE padded skeleton back
SITAGWAVE padded skeleton back
The SITAGWAVE with a skeletonized plastic back and comfortable padding adapts to your body with every movement. You don't have to make any cumbersome adjustments with this office chair at any time. Thanks to the two innovative...
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Net price: €718.00